How beautiful does it feel when we don’t have any abstained thoughts within us — when there’s everything worth sharing, and nothing worth restricting — when everything about us is transparent, and nothing about us, is opaque?

As easy it may seem, this surreal feeling ends up being both true as well as impossible.

Just like Physics, sharing also works on two infinite scales.

The first scale is to share our raw thoughts and experiences over a public platform, like social networks. This is like a diary, but instead of pen and words, we have images and videos. The infinite here, refers to the ever increasing number of people (a.k.a followers, apparently) with whom we share ourselves — The infinite of our ever expanding Universe.

The second scale is similar to quantum physics — here, we are the atom, and all sharing happens within us. The infinite here is the slow constant increase in our bravery to keep our thoughts within ourselves, find happiness within us — The infinite of our ever expanding solitude.

Between these widely separated scopes of two infinites, exists a normal me — trying to find the right balance between how much to share, whom to share with, and what to share. This dilemma hits its zenith when, life gifts you rare memorable experiences and events, which you know exactly whom to share with, but still CAN NOT.

We may have four lovely people to share as well as discuss in detail, but what if the most important people, required to achieve that perfect balance, is not among them.

How will the most important people ever come to know —

Roads we traveled.

Wind we felt.

Words we couldn’t write.

Statements we couldn’t speak.

Pictures we drew.

How will we ever be able to express —

Sufferings we perished.

Pain we prevailed.

Smiles we availed.

Lessons we learnt.

Memories we spurned.

Regrets we faced.

Decisions we made.

With the extreme confidence of me never striking a perfect balance in both Physics and sharing, one thing about my rare experiences, is certain.

I will always relive —

The traditions I remembered.

The Stars I gazed.

The Planets I noticed.

The Breeze I felt.

The Birds I befriended.

The road I remembered

The song I loved —

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine, John Lennon

The Mountain I constantly imagined.

And finally, this diary entry, which I promised to write.

After all, with every passing experience,

The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb…