Like Everyone,

Everyone is carrying a weight.

  • One is carrying the weight of looking pretty, while one is carrying the weight of not being called pretty
  • One is carrying the weight of being involved in multiple relationships, while one carries the weight of unable to be in any relationship.
  • One is carrying the weight of not knowing any answers, while one carries the weight of not getting any questions.
  • One is able to find happiness by just sitting under a tree, while one is unable to be happy even after traveling around the world.
  • One is able to find freedom living alone inside an apartment, while one feels trapped even after having the freedom to do anything.
  • One is able to find value in a few classes of primary school, while one is unable to cherish education even after a doctorate degree.
  • A hollow cylinder can be a perfect place for someone to sit, while a soft cushioned couch can be discomforting for some.
  • A loss of a loved one can make some numb, while one is unable to feel any depth in existing relationships
  • A minute of silence can feel peaceful for some, while a lifetime of silence can feel chaotic for some.

Who is right? Who is wrong?

Which place is comfortable? Which place isn't?

Which feelings are genuine? Which feelings aren't?

What deeds to do? What actions to avoid?

Whom to respect? Whom to criticize?

Well, we are everyone.

Like everyone, we may be carrying an unknown weight of our appearance, our views and our words.

Like everyone, I am carrying the weight of balancing, and not falling.

Like everyone, we are trying to find something to be proud of, something to be successful in, someone to share our thoughts with, and someone to trust.

Like everyone, I am trying to find back “Little Things”

Like everyone, we are having our reasons for our actions, our decisions and the way in which we feel about things around us.

Like everyone, I have my own reasons to pray.

Like everyone, we have our own story, our own personal journey, which is filled with unique experiences, unique definitions of some words, unique chapters with unique characters, and unique challenges to face and achieve.

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words, I don’t just say
And nothing else matters
— Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)

All we can do is simply take a moment to reflect upon all the uniqueness in our life, listen to the above song, observe unique people around us, and ask them —

What’s your weight?

What is your unique story?



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