As I enter the last room down the hall, I see a giant enclosed tank with a small door. It had 1000 pounds of water, and 1000 pounds of salts, making it approximately three times more denser than dead sea. Not that dead sea kills humans, but, I wanted to be alive. Unsurprisingly, there were small invisible vents which ensured person inside gets enough air to breathe, and made me comfortable to get enclosed. It is called Sensory Deprivation Tank, and the process — Floating Therapy.

As I was getting instructions on what exactly it is, and a checklist to…

Tomorrow, the Summer Solstice is going to the longest day of my life — scientifically, as well as personally. I will have an opportunity to witness daylight for 17 hours 44 minutes, which equals 1064 minutes, and approximately 63,840 spikes in brain a.k.a. thoughts.

Historically, the day of Summer Solstice has been symbolic of commitment

  • My adorable grandparents got married.
  • My best friend’s amazing parents got married.
  • My colleagues adopted their first child.
  • My friend and her partner will be getting married.

Exactly a year back, when I was preparing myself to witness Summer Solstice, I felt I was approaching…

We don’t realize how much things have actually changed till a random event happens, which somehow pushes you to the exact moment in past. We call them memories.

Memories are weird. First, they keep popping up in our brains. Then, they either decide to move to our lips to make us smile, or they involuntarily roll down our cheeks through our eyes.

Either ways, most of these memories lead to a transient sadness. While happy memories end up making us sad as we cannot relive them, sad memories make us sad for everything we felt and went through back then.

How beautiful does it feel when we don’t have any abstained thoughts within us — when there’s everything worth sharing, and nothing worth restricting — when everything about us is transparent, and nothing about us, is opaque?

As easy it may seem, this surreal feeling ends up being both true as well as impossible.

Just like Physics, sharing also works on two infinite scales.

The first scale is to share our raw thoughts and experiences over a public platform, like social networks. This is like a diary, but instead of pen and words, we have images and videos. The infinite…

Date: April 6, 2021

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.
—Albert Einstein, Life magazine, May 2, 1955

As I intend to follow the first statement, every day when I wake up, I ask myself three questions —

  • What am I grateful for?
  • What am I looking forward to?
  • How am I feeling ?

Exposes inner limitations
Blossoms true ambitions
Judges acts bluntly
Abuses back casually

No anniversary, no divorce
No proposal, no breakup
No agreements, no tradition
No liabilities, no responsibilities.

Friendship has no dimension.

An ear to our family troubles
An eye to our couple fights
A mind to our professional issues
A heart to our personal tragedies.

Knows our dark side
Brings our brighter side
Encourages to grow
Discourages to feel low.

Never asks to be thankful
Never demands to be regretful
Never requests a favor
Never questions your behavior.

Friendship is eternal forgiveness.

She may beat you up
He may eat your lunch
She may always tease
He will never…

Once upon a time, I watched a movie ‘Wake Up Sid’. I was still a kid happily living under the same roof with parents. Yet I liked the movie because it showed genuine love of parents, love for a friend and difficulties to wake up.

Down the road, after getting opportunities to move to different cities, look for career, and try making new friends, I watched the movie again. This time, the reasons to love it was the article about Mumbai City, enlightening the concepts of “Independent”, “Dreams”, and “Love”.

Like every cinephile and bibliophile, I thought —

One day…

First things first, I want to acknowledge how weird the title is. Well, I am not going to directly give away what it means, but I promise by end of my small story, we will know it.

So, if you are as impatient as majority of us, then scroll down to the end and GET it, else spend your two precious minutes to read the story and UNDERSTAND it.

Chapter 1 — Drive

Today was a really long drive.

Understood the importance of Starbucks and grocery stores — washrooms for public !!

Didn’t feel alone, in fact I wondered what would I anyways talk…

Few days back, I spent some time gazing at a tree.

  • This tree was the only tree hanging from edge of a cliff.
  • The leaves and branches were falling, and will never know what the tree faced or will have to face.
  • This tree was facing difficulties of gusty wind and ocean waves all alone.
  • This tree was even cherishing the adventure of facing nature all alone.

I went all the way back to see if tree is still there. It was, and hopefully still is.

I wondered, am I alone like the tree?

Today, I look at another tree…

I have been thinking of writing a letter.
I have been wanting to write a letter.
I have been waiting to write a letter.
— To a person.

But, time has taught me how deep and effortful writing a genuine letter is.

We don’t just write a bunch of words, we give a part of our hearts to the other person.
 — And it is not easy.

We don’t just express our emotions, we give a part of us to the only person.
 — And it is unrecoverable.

Talking and Conversing.
Writing and Expressing.
Skimming and Reading.
Hearing and Listening.
Eating and Tasting.

Sandeep Panigrahy

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